High Class Call Girl In KC


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High Class Call GIrl in KC

High Class Call GIrl in KC

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda. She works at a club in the Power and Light 3 days a week and at the Jones Pool downtown the same 3 days a week. She drives a $50k Infiniti, and travels all over the world 4 days a week? Sound fishy? Yep we agree. So after asking many questions and digging deeper than we thought her lies went, and learning ALOT more than we thought we would, we have figured it out! Amanda is a high class escort. She has a rather wealthy sugar daddy that lives in Hatti and they travel all over while she is out of town. Come to find out, she tells people she is going there to try to adopt a child and even uploads pics of some local children and all that BS. Nice cover up Amanda! We need to run this ugly girl out of KC and send her to Hatti to be with her sugar daddy. What a idot to think people would believe those lies forever!!!!

I wonder how much he pays her?- nik

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