HillBilly Wh*re


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HillBilly whore!!!!

HillBilly whore!!!!

HillBilly whore!!!!

HillBilly whore!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This hillbilly wh*re is named Kerry Lynn Clark. She started dating a guy I know, who was in the Army at the time and like a week later married him 2 months before he deployed to Iraq.  Right after he left for his 12 month tour, this sl**t cheated on him with guys and girls. Emailed him comanding his money, and accusing him of her daughter being taken by CPS, all the while the same night she goes to Club Plush in Dallas to party it up with her girlfriend/boyfriend/f*ck which pick she had that week I don’t know. This thing had at least 9 guys she was f*cking while her now ex husband was away, and threw it in his face daily on myspace, sending naked pic’s of her fat ugly ass to the guys and girls she was f*cking, and sending her ex the same pics. He say the emails and seen the other guys she sent them to called her out on it, and she was so stupid to tell him she didn’t send them to anyone but him, when you can clearly see in the address bar she sent them to other guys/girls. She a nasty tag chaser who is now with a Marine in Jacksonville SC!!!! She thinks she is some hot a**, that’s like god’s gift to the world. But she’s fat, has crators in her face from all her acne, streach marks like no other, drinks more than an alcoholic can handle, and if she doesn’t get her way, the lies come out like there is no tomorrow with this c*nt! Nik please put her a** on blast for the world to be warned away from this nasty, hillbilly, gold digging, country wh*re!

I love how dudes in the army think that these trashy chicks are going to stay loyal.- nik

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