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Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Ashley Defeo of Hartford,CT. This fat slooty Benedict Arnold bovine proletariat runs around town thinking that she is the best thing since sliced bread (clearly bread and all other carbs should be cut out of her diet). She went behind her best friend (of 15 years) back and attempted to move in for the kill (or feeding as we all like to say) on her Boy. Clearly he wanted nothing to do with her and made it known to all of us which is why she deserves to be put on blast. There is a sex tape of her floating around the eastern and UConn campus that everyone watches when they need to pull the trigger after a long night of drinking. We get that fat girls need lovin to and we think she may give a good BJ due to her need to compensate for looking and acting the way she does. But what girl does that to someone who has been by their side and stuck up for them for many years! our girl is to nice to post this so we have no problem doing it- this girl still tweets about our girls boy SK*NK! EVERYONE BEWARE NOT ONLY WILL SHE EAT AND DRINK ALL YOUR FOOD BUT SHE WILL TRY TO STEAL YOUR BOYFRIEND! Hey Nik maybe she’d blow you all she needs is a little attention!

Whats she doing eating a mini sirloin burger, that’s not gunna fill her up.- nik