Holly Briley Is A Crazy Soccer Mom


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Holly Briley is a crazy psycho soccer mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Holly Briley, an absolutely INSANE psycho soccer mom who has a website to profit off the death of Caylee Anthony called NOMONEYFORMURDER. She posts peoples PERSONAL INFORMATION all OVER the websites and ENCOURAGES people to stalk and harrass!!! She was also all over Nancy Grace bragging about leaking the Casey Anthony videos. The Brileys are family friends of the the Hensleys. Casey gets a computer and begins corresponding with Rob online – only problem is, if she gets caught communicating with a known felon, her parole can be revoked. In comes the Brileys, who offer to act as somewhat of a “middleman”- Casey can send them photos and videos for them to send to Rob, as it is not against her parole conditions to communicate with the Brileys. Jon Briley provides Casey with a cell phone, with the bill going to him (they may need it later.) Holly and Jon realize the goldmine they are sitting on once they are in possession of Casey’s recent photos and videos. They release some for free as a “teaser”, before going on to make a $50,000 deal with a media outlet. Holly justifies what she is doing (to herself) as “No money for murder” since SHE is getting the money, not Casey, and as far as we know Holly is not a murderer. Of course, the online masses may see it differently so Holly and Jon have to put up the facade that they do not personally know Casey or Rob, and instead pose as “Caylee’s Warriors” who obtained the video through some obscure Pay Per View site that nobody else knows about, and even they forget the name of – something the folks over at Fox News yesterday evening even stated (during a webchat) seemed “suspicious.” Meanwhile, Casey knows what happened but can’t come forward and admit she was talking to Rob, risking a parole violation. Let’s not forget, there are also those cell phone records in the Briley’s possession showing that Casey and Rob were talking over the phone. Rob does not want to see Casey go back to prison, so he too must stay mum. Holly and Jon realize that they can’t keep claiming to find pics/vids on nonexistent Pay Per View sites so their solution is to create a new/stolen identity “Amelia Sobel” aka “Amy Brooks” who can do the leaking – often threatening to “sue” people under that name, even creating fake Cease & Desist letters. Meanwhile Holly and Jon MAY have some beats/songs that Casey made that were meant for Rob; they set up some websites in anticipation of some future earnings and register the whois through a proxy domain, not counting on the Paul Francisco connection being so easily discovered. Either way, there are still likely more pics and video. Holly and Jon are likely in talks with media to sell them, even though they publicly denounce such behavior. The media may be reluctant to buy the items, however, as Casey is claiming that the material was hacked/stolen. If the media deals fall through, Holly can always put everything on a website and claim that she is doing it so Casey can’t make money, meanwhile bets are that Holly will at the very least be pulling in ad revenue off the site.

Now I understand why Jose left Casey Anthony.- nik

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