Hollywood Predator And Con Artist


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Hollywood Predator and Con Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I recently came across a man named Shatto Brown. He has a flashy website  He prey’s on young girls telling them that he knows almost everyone in the entertainment business and that he can get them in video’s and movie’s and modeling contracts. He flew a girl out from Indiana and told her she would be in the Ludacris video at Cabana Club on February 13th and that he would get her in the new Tupac movie about to be filmed starring a man named Darius Love (who will play tupac). To her suprise she was not given a seperate hotel room, she was forced to stay with him and who knows what else he forced her to do. I also have found out that he has pretended to throw parties at the playboy mansion with flashy flyers and having tons of companies sponsor the party, including alchohalic beverages. Gogo Dancers, DJ’s, Alchohal companies ect. have all been hit by this guy! He owe’s people alot of money and he has lied his ass off about who he knows. He knows no one! Be aware of this guy! He is a predator! .

Isn’t Hollyweirds modo “Fake It Til You Make It?” I don’t see the problem, the dumb girls are the ones that believe the slob.- nik

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