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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, when i first started seeing the father(alfavio) of my daughter he got arrested for a warrent and went to jail for 4 months and we decided to wait till he got out to see what happens. i ended up hooking up with my ex and got pregnant. the day he got out of jail i told him everything and he still wanted to be with me and my baby, 6 months into my pregnancy i found out he cheated on me with this girl and she was 5 months pregnant with his baby. after she found out about me she told him he would never be in her babies life , which was a lie cuz she did everything in her power to break us up . we fought alot about her and he swore he didnt talk to her anymore , after my son was born i got pregnant again with his baby , we moved in together and started our family , when my daughter was 3 months old this b*tch kristi ogletree decided she couldnt keep the secret anymore and confessed her and my bf had been messing around and seeing each other behind my back for 2 years. and she knew we were together the whole time. she even came to my apartment and had sex with him on my bed while i was in the hospital giving birth to our daughter. since then ive stayed away from him unless it has to do with my daughter. shortly after we broke up kristi also stopped messing around with him and found another guy who was also in a relationship. she claims to be a “bad bitch” but her forehead is more like a 8head and she dont have a nice body. she will sleep with any black guy or any guy in a relationship. its all a game to her , if your not taken she dont want you untill you are with someone else. she also says her kids are her world but she is always drinking and partying and going out of town and leaves her kids with anyone who will watch them and to top it all off she has tried to kill herself 3 times and 2 of those times her kids were in the other room while she was trying to overdose on pills . you can find her on facebook or myspace under kristi ogletree.

Do they not make condoms anymore?- nik

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