Homewreckin Jessie


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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Jessie Dedels. I met her when she was hooking up with my boyfriend’s roomate. She was so fat, my confidence grew. Sadly, she’s lost a few pounds (but kept the saggy skin) so oh well. ANYWAYS. While sitting on the couch with her goofball, she’d have the balls to sit and flirt with my man. At first, I thought she was no threat, I mean LOOK AT HER. LOL. Then she left Mr.Goofball, and I thought foolishly that I’d never have to hear that “moo” of a laugh ever again, thank frick.
Oh, also I should say that I was pregnant at the time. I found out she had a son, so since I was nervous, I asked her about how things were with her kid. As it turns out, fat ass Jessie had produced a retarded baby, as she condoned drinking up to the third trimester. And I mean DRINKING. Not just having a glass of red wine once a week. WTF?
So a few months down the line, when I was around 8 months and almost ready to pop, my man started acting like a douche bag. THEN I noticed that this shit for brains was commenting on his pictures! So like me, I bitch her the hell out, since she was no competition to me according to the douchebag. At 9 months along, I receive a text from him say “I’m dating Jessie now’. WHAT?! Holy fucking shit, I was so pissed. But as no suprise, douche bag came crawling back to me. Don’t worry, I’ve got more beef with him about that than the homewrecker. However, her son is obviously FAS according to what he told me. He is badly neglected, has no Dad in his life whatsoever and to top it all off, she let douchebag talk shit about her son, talk shit TO her son, make his mom cry in front of him AND according to what I’ve heard, she even let him smack him a few times. If ANYONE but me EVER laid a hand on my INTELLIGENT AND HEALTHY little boy, I’d be tearing their face up and kicking their ass out the door. Oh, and just because your shit for brains son doesn’t have a Dad, doesn’t mean mine won’t. Nice try, you little cumbag. Oh, great job on being now known as the pass-around too SO. JESSIE. I’VE GOT ONE QUESTION FOR YOU. YOU FCKED MY MAN. HOW DO I TASTE BITCH? Also, since you’re a sleezy dirt bag and yada yada, you probably let him in you without a condom. HOW’S THE C*AP TREATIN YA?! Hahaha. Sloot.

Is that a nose ring or a botched photoshop job? she turned the exposure up so much in the second pic I can’t tell.- nik

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