THE DIRTY ARMY: This sad story begins with a dumb girl named Stephanie. She left her boyfriend of 5 years to run around with a married man. Stephanie met her new boyfriend at work and she was his boss. They would flirt and eye f*** constantly, to the disgust of their coworkers, calling each other boo. Stephanie would give Mike preferential treatment at work making everyone angry. These two pigs ran a 3k together, screwed around at his family’s flooring company, and made out in front of the pizza place where they work together. Mind you, he has four children (one a newborn)and a wife! Stephanie knew about the family all along and did not care. She is a true hood rat slut who is impressed by shitty Lexuses and violent tempered men who cheat on their wives. Please put these two on BLAST Nik! I am a dirty army soldier and report dirt when I see it. Hopes for a safe and prosperous New Year!

eye cheating eh.- nik