THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Anthony Hargreaves, and he has been cheating on his wife of almost 20 years with this lady (Audra Rowe Hargreaves), who left another married man for Anthony. He cheated on his wife for 5 years with her, and was making trips to see her while saying it was for work. He went to see her and missed his first grandsons birth, but yet went to Audra’s daughter’s sons birth! Anthony’s wife decided to divorce him without knowing anything about this woman. After the divorce was final, Anthony married Audra 10 days later! Abandoned his two children and grandson, doesnt ever talk to them. OHH and I forgot to mention Audra’s son found sex videos of Audra and Anthony and other men and women! Sooo I’m guessing they are swingers and Anthony likes it in the butt! Now Anthony resides in Sand Springs, OK with his new wife that has recently had a boob job, vagina job, and tummy tuck!

Don’t be lazy, hang up that picture.- nik