Homie Hoppin Hamiltion


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Soo nik, This east county homie hopping “princess” claims to be 90 days clean lmfwao BUT she just hit up my boyfriend for a sack last week. She also claims to be a good mom buut i know for a mothafuckin FACT that the bitch was using drugs & drinking while she pregnant with BOTH of her children. Because i was the one using with her during her pregnancy. Shes to busy hittin the pipe and hoeing around east daygo to realize she sounds like a dumb smoked the fuck out cum guzzling SWAMP DONKEY 4 FINGER BELUGA WHALE. BITCH NEEDS TO GET HER FAT ASS TO THE DR OFFICE FOR A STD CHECK UP I MEAN SHE HAS HAD ch***aaa BEFORE THERES NOOOO TELLING WHAT THIS NASTY FAT BITCH WILL INFECT YOU OR YOUR HOMIES WITH BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU FCK THIS EAST COUNTY catching GUTTER SLUTTTT!!!!!!!!!!

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