Hood Rat Renattah


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HE DIRTY ARMY: Okay lets get thing’s straight I use to be this girls “friend” now I am apparently sleeping with her ex *no thanks* anyways the TRUTH needs to come out about this girl she always points fingers but never takes a good look at herself , 19 years old and TWO different baby dads. She claims that her son has the same father as her daughter but was not even back with her daughters father when she got pregnant but told me she was cheating on jordan with her daughters father , so basically this girl is nothing but a C*M Dumpster , so hey any “gangsters” out there need to drop off a load you know where to go but back to the point her son looooks nothing like her daughters father, he 100000 percent looks like jordan her other baby dad,also she wants go about like she dont cash baby bonus checks when everyone knows she does so she should stop fronting like she dont, also who pays her damn rent WELFARE, so why diss other people about collecting when she is collecting and half of the people she knows are in housing or pregnant and living off the system. she is a joke and where the hood RAT part comes in she rated out on her baby dads boys so she could spend more time with him ,legit gave the COPPS her babys dads friends license plate and other information , like she said as long as his boys are in jail ALL THE attention is on her !! but puts blame on other people , so if I was you I would stop pointing fingers at people , when your doing the same shit, your a two faced liar and a big time hoe I just cant get over the fact you rated out your mans best goons to spend more time then put on this show like free dem blah blah blah soo fake and twisted you are , ps. she only lets black men cm in her so she says and being with a drug dealer makes her feel like shes something great example for you kids right ?? my point is just stop running your mouth like you live a perfect life when its FARR from that ,she is a little hypocrite,do you forget where you came from little ghetto queeen, now go back to the hood surrounded by drug dealers crack heads and people on welfare you duttty rat be careful dont make her mad or she will call the copps and make sure you wear protection like she said she got pregnant for a reason to lock breezy down hahahaha Glad I am done talking to this WASHED UPP GYAL I also suggest you stop talking alll this shit about me or I will tell more of your dirty secrets

That blotch on you was a mistake. nik

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