Hoodrat Baby Mom

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is named Jazzmyn and she is the nastiest bitch anyone could ever set their eyes on. Not only has she sold her nasty pussy for a couple of years to afford things like her pretty canadian goose jacket and buy her self a decent pair of underwear from time to time but she also has a hand and share in abusing her kids. Her son (4) has bruises and black teeth, like why doesn’t this bitch invest in a dental plan? on top of which she lets him wear his (2) year old sister’s socks. Her (2) year old daughter always smells like weed, she doesn’t send her kids to daycare and she just firmly looks like a mutant, especially when she’s pregnant. I’ve never met an uglier bitch who even slept with her brother to buy her a pack of cigarettes’. She raises her inbreed family somewhere in Parma Court and lives with her crack head boyfriend named Michael selling crack cocaine, and LSD. Oh, and if you’re thinking of sleeping with her, don’t… this girl has had over 7 drd’s and has also been rumored to have “aids” be careful with this slippery hood-rat. Don’t bring her around your brother or dad she will sleep with him/ them for any amount of weed!! With the amount of black head breakout she has on her nose you’d think this bitch would fuking buy a nice acne soap to clear that up, she’s nothing more than a old bloody used tampon, useless after you use it LOL.


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  1. Not so jazzy ladyMarch 30, 2018 at 11:58 PM

    Jazmin Sin ?

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