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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This one is James Anderson who is 28. He cannot keep a job. He`s gone from working in the mines, to selling homes to pumping concrete in a matter of 6 months. Extremely mentally and verbally abusive, and has a lot of trust issues. He looked through my phone, computer and email several times to try and find anything he could to make me look like I was cheating, yet he was all along. He had a girlfriend when I met him, and he didnt tell me for months. Imagine being the girl on the side with a daughter who he would leave every night to see his girlfriend. This fcker lead a double life, and I hope it ruins him. On top of his girlfriend and me, there was Anna who was 19 and he`s been sleeping with for about 4 years. I suppose he is a disgusting pedo if he`s been screwing her for 4 years. He left me and my daughter homeless and with absolutely nothing, and now spends his time on sex sites looking to get what I assume, is ads. This guy deserves whatever is coming to him. He will tell any girl that he wants to take them on trips, but he usually dumps them before then because he`s found someone else. Serial dater and completely emotionless.. It`s kinda scary, the things he is and could be capable of. He was raised not to feel anything and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up hurting someone..really bad. Huge gambler as well. He took a lot of money from me without asking. Fcking thief!

Those mis-placed eyes aren’t a good sign.- nik

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