Horse Face

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Annette Marie Cordoves

Annette Marie Cordoves

THE DIRTY ARMY: so Nik theres this he/she running the streets of miami, Annette M** Co**  she looks like a man, she swears shes gods gift to men or the world actually. she talked crazy sh*t about the girls she hangs with everyday. but what pisses me off is that her post on facebook are always demeaning to men. how she says all men are little kids and no one is good enough for her. oh and how miami is wak! well she should get the F out then!!!! what she needs to do is wear less make up and grow an ass…. someone has got to tell her shes not as hot as she thinks but all these guys that she talks to, want to get in her pants ….so the agree with every stupid comment she makes and her head gets even bigger. i think she looks a little horsy. she also lives for attention and compliments. go check out her page. please someone set this trany straight! what do you think nik??

She must rely on her body to get guys cause of her horse face and cheese grater teeth.- nik

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