Houston’s Premiere GoGo Girls


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Houston's Premiere GoGo Sloots

Houston's Premiere GoGo Sloots

Houston's Premiere GoGo Sloots

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Underworld Entertainment’s gogo team, the Bass Bunnies. The Bass Bunnies is full of untalented sloots. The team went to sh*t after Bart Black’s baby momma Kelsi got put in charge. They stopped worrying about bringing in talented dancers, and started looking for girls who would follow Kelsi’s every demand and sign an exclusivity contract stating that they aren’t allowed to get booked to dance with anyone other than the Bass Bunnies. These girls do not get paid, nor do they receive +1s for Underworld parties. What self respecting “gogo” would be okay with signing an exclusive contract under these terms? Oh yeah, the girls who won’t get booked by anyone else because THEY SUCK. Seriously, this team is worthless. What good is a “gogo dancer” who can’t dance? Half of these girls look like they’re seizing cows. Not attractive. They run around Houston’s most notorious drd infested hole Kryptonite at Underworld Fridays acting like they’re the sh*t because they’re the oh-so-important gogos that nobody gives a sh*t about. The only people watching you dance in that place are probably on so many drugs that they would be entertained by a wet spaghetti noodle. Then again, some of these girls are also notorious for using too many drugs as well and looking twacked out beyond belief. You might recognize some of these girls from previous posts. Such as the lying sloot Itzel, the annoying as sh*t Yazzmin, the untalented cow Sara, and of course, their leader, and Bart Black’s new baby momma Kelsi. Congratulations, you made a gogo team. But I’m sorry to inform you that most of Houston lost respect for you in the process.

Remember when being a GoGo was based off looks and not dance skills… those were the good old days.- nik

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