How is Amy’s Baking Company Still Open

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I hope you watched the last episode of “Kitchen Nightmares.” If you don’t know, basically already hard a** Chef Gordon Ramsey comes and save restaurants that are suffering. But this is the first episode he ever walked away without helping because the owners were paranoid and f**king crazy. Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale not only has bad food, they will literally throw your a** out if you even criticize precious Amy’s cooking! (who obviously married rich Samy for the reason to open this sh*t hole). I’ve been there twice before this episode aired and it isn’t far from the truth. What sane place fires and hires 100 employees within a year?! Her paranoia and his enabling of her behavior isn’t helping anyone. Maybe you can get her on your show and talk some sense into her! P.S. if this gets posted, you’re going to get accused of “cyberbullying” because “everybody is out to get her.”

They’re on their last ditch publicity efforts to keep the store open, such as this self post.  It won’t prolong your 15 minutes.- nik

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