THE DIRTY ARMY:Look Nik, someone needs to expose this so called CEO/Web Designer of Future for the piece of shit he really is. It’s pretty Ironic how this guy goes from living the so called LIFE to his Wife packing up all her shit and kicking him to the curb (Right after he tried to save his marriage with a brand new Escalade he bought for her) You can Catch this shiestbag Richard Simms aka “Dick” at your local 18+ club. Fair-warn, 36 years old with 2 failed marriages, 4 kids, and a shady-ass company. He really is about that life. When it comes to people that know him he seems desperate nowadays for friends and employees so he can manipulate and take advantage of. He might hire you as a customer care agent and you might end up becoming his nanny or Starbucks picker upper . So tell me Nick. What do you think?
How are guys not embarrassed to take pictures of themselves at the gym.  So swollen bra!- nik