I Cant Believe I Had A Child With This Loser


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I Can't Believe I Had A Child With This Loser

I Can't Believe I Had A Child With This Loser

I Can't Believe I Had A Child With This Loser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, pkay so these two gross *ss losers here are my ex (yeah yeah, baby daddy drama) and his new baby mama. The new baby mama is 26. She has four kids by three guys and has been married and divorced twice. Questionable Nik? The baby daddy was always a drunk. Well these last two years have been filled with a single mom struggle from hell for me since he had been working under the table to avoid child support. Well, he got in a drunk driving wreck on our daughter’s birthday in April. Didn’t even bother calling her to tell her happy birthday before he got in the wreck but see, that’s not the story baby machine is giving everyone. INCLUDING MY OWN MOTHER!! He doesn’t remember the week leading up to the wreck. She is telling people that him and I got into a fight on the phone when he called to say happy birthday. HE NEVER CALLED!!! Those two got in a fight because he was supposed to give her a ride to pay for karate but she is telling him it was ME who pissed him off. Now who he got in a fight with before the wreck should be irrelevant considering you’re a f*cking moron if you drink and drive but since he’s half retarded now, he’s believing her lies. This man went four months without calling his daughter. He missed calling her on Thanksgiving, Christmas and her birthday. When he was in the hospital dying, I made him a Facebook page so friends could leave pictures and messages. Well recently, child support decided that since he owes over 7500$ in back support that they are going to be taking his social security for a while. His girlfriend left me a rude message like it was my fault he was working under the table helping her support her kids while ignoring his own. Through his account, she left some really nasty sh*t ON THE PAGE I MADE BECAUSE I CARED ABOUT HIM. This is a page where all of his and my mutual friends are on and have access to. She lied and said that he had been paying his support (the picture clearly shows different). She lied and said that it’s my fault they have no relationship. I’m so sick of being blamed for all their bullsh*t Nik. I’m so sick of being blamed for my daughter not knowing her father. When a man doesn’t call his toddler child for four months (I didn’t know their numbers) does he really expect that she’ll remember him?! The only reason she knows him is because I give her pictures and tell her about him. Anyway, I want to post these two losers (Miss Manipulative and Mister Impressionable Idiot) on blast because they deserve it. Did you know? They are planning on having another one!!!! FIVE F*CKING KIDS and they can’t even pay the bills now. Gross. If these two ever break up, please, don’t date either of them unless you want a world of sh*t. Men out there, IF YOU KNOCK A B*TCH UP, BE THERE FOR THE KID!!! Don’t let your new girlfriend brainwash you into getting the ex out of your life due to her insecurity and jealousy. B*TCHES OUT THERE: If you get with a man who has a child with another woman, STAY THE F*CK OUT OF THEIR BUSINESS!! It has nothing to do with you and the baby mama broke up with him for a reason. I wouldn’t want this loser back if he were the last man alive.

This is the definition of middle America.- nik 

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