I Can’t Stand How These Talk Show Hosts Treat You


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! BIG fan! I’ve been a steady follower of your site for quite some time now and I love it. As I write this I’m watching you on Anderson getting ripped apart by people in the audience. People need to stop being so close minded about you and your site. I think what you do is amazing. You out those doing wrong to themselves, their families, their friends and/or communities. How dare people sit there on Anderson on their high horses and look down their noses upon you. They have no idea of all the good you’ve done and people you’ve helped. They’re no better judging you off what they’ve heard than what they perceive you to be. They are such hypocritical people that need to visit your site before passing judgment. One post comes to mind when I think about the good you’ve done… if you recall that disgusting man that tied his poor child up and then posted it on Facebook for all the world to see. YOU posted it, outed him and now he’s been arrested and charged. I didn’t see one news site or any other site post this scum! You did and that’s one less horrible person out there walking the streets. People just love to point the finger at someone else for what they’ve done wrong and mistakes they’ve made. You just seem to be the scapegoat for people’s wrong doings. Here’s a thought, don’t be trashy and do trashy things, and hey! You won’t be posted on thedirty.com. It’s pretty simple. People need to stop crying over being posted and blaming you for what they have done. They need to suck it up and hold themselves accountable for their own actions. If you’ve been posted for something, obviously there’s a reason for it. Take a look at yourself and think about how you can better yourself from it, rather than playing the victim and pointing fingers at others. Sorry to ramble on here but it just makes me mad when people can’t open their eyes and see that you’re actually helping people, and when you say you are, they laugh and are condescending. Keep it up Nik! Let the haters hate! So long as you and your fans know in their hearts that what you’re doing is right, that’s all that matters! xoxo All the best for 2012.

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