I Decided To Go On The Lunch Date


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I did opposite of what you told me to do and I went on the lunch date.  I didn’t see your responce until this morning.  To be honest with you, it was way more like a business meeting.  First off, I have never slept with a black man and I know for a fact my family would disown me if they ever find out.  But here is the arrangement that I made.  The basketball player is married and has a family.  So he proposed this to me.  I have to see him 4 times a month for 2 hours each time and during the off season, go out of town with him once a month for a weekend getaway as well.  At first I told him that he was crazy and insane and I would never do that to his family or my boyfriend.  But he offered me $12,000 per month and we don’t even communicate unless its to set up one of the four dates.  So tell me this Nik?  How do I say no to this?  I currently make $2,400 to $2,600 per month and that is with 160 hours of work, but now in 2 hours I can make more than I did in a whole month.  It will give me time to concentrate on school and so much more time to have for my boyfriend and I.  Also, I can get a LV purse and get a very nice car like all my friends do, so now I will be on their level, but still in school and getting my degree?  I’m going for it, I’m telling my boyfriend and I hope this doesn’t ruin me and I believe I’m strong enough that it wouldn’t.

Please let us know what your boyfriend says. It’s easy for me to tell you NO… but I’m not in your situation. Good luck.- nik


Should I Take The Money And Go To Lunch

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