I feel Sorry For Their Baby Already


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I feel sorry for their baby already :(

I feel sorry for their baby already :(

I feel sorry for their baby already :(

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, LOVE your site! but I gotta say, I’m so surprised that this girl hasn’t made it on here yet. This is Julie Sebesta, 24 years old and preggo with her baby daddy Ivan. She used to be a cocktail waitress at stil life before she got knocked up by her mexican boyfriend…who by the way is trash man..literally, he’s a garbage man! the two of them share an apartment with his roommate. Also, Ive been to her apartment before and it was disgusting! dog hair bulit up in the corners of the carpet…stains everywhere..dishes piling up everywhere, and her bathtub…don’t even get me started!!! They claim that getting pregnant was an accident but honestly, i think they did it on purpose. how careless!! MY concern is that these two have no freaking idea what they’re getting into. She’s more concerned with hitting the latest club openings and partying with her friends for St. Patricks Day then say…saving her money for their baby. Oh but she’s been caught saying, that babies don’t use that many diapers and don’t need more than a couple onesies etc..This girl is completely oblivious to how much of a money pit kids are and She seems so much more worried about her social life than taking care of her baby. All she eats is cheeseburgers and take out. and Her man supports all this sh*t! HE takes her with him to the club!!! WTF is wrong with these people?! I would hate to see what kind of living condition this baby is going to be stuck in. More than likely sitting in a filthy apartment, with a dirty diapers screaming until mommy and daddy come home from the club! its so sad! Nik, put these two on blast and give them wake up call! Children should be your first priority! GROW UP!

I definitely see a drink in hand with a baby on board.  Bars should not serve pregnant women.- nik

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