I Give You Sauga’s #1 Sloot


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I Give You... Sauga's #1 HOE

I Give You... Sauga's #1 HOE

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this chick Karen, she is hands down one dirty spic who will sleep with anyone she comes in contact with..she works at some ghetto spanish club in toronto, meets different dirty men all the time and will have sex with them, no questions asked! ..She has a horse mouth, which makes me think at times she belongs at a zoo, her ass is as flat as a wall and with all that said she still thinks shes gods gift to men. Shes a spic enough said. she will have illegitimate children cause thats what spics do. overall shes a BIG hoee..and a crazy stalker, she will stalk men that dont want her and that she can never get. This is my Christmas gift to her ..a post on the dirty where she truly belongs..

Whats with her hand placement, find something to do with those chubsicles.- nik

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