THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I ALWAYS see people ask you, Would you?  With so an so.. And I noticed that you really don’t like women with tattoos. It seems no matter how pretty, no matter the natural beauty, if shes got a tattoo, (or many) you will automatically shoot her down for the most part. I’m curious do you just hate body art? Do you find that it truly ruins a girl if she has body modification at all? I mean I have seen you shoot down beautiful girls just based on the fact they have a small piercing maybe in there nose. Another question, are you really as picky in real life as you are on your website?  Every girl that’s posted, you pick out the most outrageous thing that to find wrong with her, its normally something any normal guy would just look right past and not even notice. I’m curious do you do that, just to keep the site fun spicy and “Dirty”?

Guys look past things because they want to get laid. Yes, I’m very picky about everything in life because we only have one. I’m not going to tarnish my self worth because I wanted to get my nut off with some chick who doesn’t value herself (hence the reason she got a tattoo or tattoos). Banging white trash tatted up girls leads to drugs and cheap thrills… sorry I’m better than that.- nik