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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik, I am a daily dirty reader and I figured that you can help me with this. I have done my research and feel like I’m not getting all the info that I need. I figured with all of the “dirty celebs” on here, including yourself, can give me some advice. I just learned how to squirt (female ejaculation) I absolutely love it and my man does too. I learned the technique and I know that I have to be comfy and hit the g-spot, push out ect, but my questions are: 1)How do some people shoot large amounts out at a time and 2) what can I do to enhance it. I’ve been doing keagles too, hoping that helps. I done it last night really good, then today I tried again and it only gushes out a little bit. I want explosion every time! Nik, can you and your dirty army help? Happy birthday by the way!

I hate squirters (Erin Andrews)… the only one who should be spraying chicks down is the man. No guy wants to make the process longer by wasting 20 more minutes cleaning himself off. So gross.- nik