I Have No Doubt Pastor Leon Will End Up In Hell


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Dirty Springs Church

Dirty Springs Church

Dirty Springs Church

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Church is the biggest scam in Canada, it’s full of brainwashed morons that think that Pastor Leon is going to save them, all he asks is 10% of their income, LOL, he has a home in Calgary and in Winnipeg, he fly’s back and forth a couple times a week I wonder where he gets the money for that? Not to mention his Million dollar house and nice cars for all his kids and wife. He is a scam artist he says he is teaching people how to really live, more like he teaches them to live as his slaves, the springs christian academy brainwashes the children telling them if they don’t tithe they are stealing from God. That’s how he keeps his flock full of morons who do his bidding. He sent a Christmas card out with professional photos of his family I wonder how much that cost? He abuses his power and steals money from his church flock, and if you don’t tithe enough money to Leon he kicks you out, there isn’t room for anyone who wont fill his pockets with money, he’s going through a divorce with his trophy wife, money cant get you everything eh Leon? He’s been scamming people for years his Dirty Business needs to stop.

It sounds like he is mixing Scientology with Mormonism… a very revolutionary concept.- nik

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