I Have To Get Your Opinion On Her


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is my first post ever and I have been reading your feedback in the “would you?” column and noticed you are quite picky with who you would. So I thought id give it a shot. This girl is Kayla Lynn Kruger, her modelling name is just Kaylalynn, she has been modelling for about 2 maybe 3 months and thinks she is top sh*t…Maybe even the next top model (in her opinion). She judges everything and anything that moves and thinks that if you arent 100 pounds you’re fat. She has no t*tties or ass, and claims to be a fitness model and the hottest thing around. She wears loads of makeup, you can see the layers… I will give her this, shes got a hot body for having a 9 month old baby. I personally think her personality makes her ugly but I am interested in seeing what you think. So Nik, would you?

Answer: Hell no. I could draw nipples on her back and be confused. She is not a model… models don’t have sperm eyebrows that almost kiss.

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