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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I myself tried to sell my body like Staci Doll aka BMD.  I chose to use her picture because her and I have very similar bodies.  I’m in Hollywood and I’ve only been in the business for 6 weeks and in those 6 weeks, 11 guys have been professional athletes, 9 have been famous rappers and 6 movie/tv stars.  I’m a huge movie fan, I watch a ton of TV, I follow basketball and football and I listen to rap.  So I literally knew every client I got to see and I was so star struck that I didn’t take money from any of them, I felt obligated as a fan to take care of their sexual needs and not charge them for something I would enjoy doing.  It was totally worth it because now I’m friends with most of them, I don’t get how some of these girls make so much money, they must be dumb and not know who they are seeing.  Nik are you hiring at all?  I will work for free for a couple months to prove myself.  Oh they paid for my travel so it wasn’t a total loss. ha. And I meet these guys thru twitter, its so easy to make famous friends in this town.

Thank you for the FREE offer, but you railed out 26 guys in six weeks which I find a little disturbing. I will have to PASS.- nik

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