I Think He Is Cheating On Me


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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, do you know who this girl is?  I married my husband when he was 54 and I had just turned 20 years old.  In the beginning I loved him only for money and materialistic things, I slept around and cheated a lot… but you can’t blame me, I was young and dumb.  We had a child when I was 24 and when I turned 26, I think for the first time I really loved him and actually would be able to stand having sex.  I thought everything was perfect.  Now at 27, my looks have gone downhill a little bit, my massive GG boobs are starting to sag and my face is starting to droop.  I know I’m past my prime. My husband now is 61 and he just got on instagram and the only person he follows is this girl.  Every picture she posts, he makes sure to “like”.  He has been acting strange, not answering his phone a lot lately and going on vacation we use to take together by himself.  I hope he is not cheating on me, does anyone know anything about this girl?

It sounds like he is shopping for a new car.- nik

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