Small Guy Thinks he's a bad-ass because of his badge

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the other day me and two friends were leaving a bar in Palos Hills, a suburb of Chicago.  A cop happened to drive by and my friend stuck his tongue out at him.  Next thing you know he speeds into the parking lot and waits for us to drive away.  Luckily I had two beers over 90 minutes, so I knew I was sober.  Then he pulls us over, gives attitude to my other friend and eventually gives him a seat belt ticket.  We were all wearing our seat belts.  Then my same friend takes a picture of his car, we get re-pulled over again because the cop didn’t like the flash.  We call 911 and report we’re being harassed.  He pulls my friend out of the car, grabbing him by his broken wrist.  Then starts talking sh*t to me.  Nik, this cop is a low life with nothing to do.  Who pulls someone over because they stuck their tongue out a them?  What a child.  Since when is it illegal to stick your tounge out at a cop.  I’m looking for a picture now but this will do for now.  His initials are C.Q. he refused to give us his name, it’s not written clearly on the ticket.  All we know is Palos Hill pd badge number 105 car number 309 at 0730 pm on 01-25-2012.

I didn’t know cops drove station wagons?- nik