I Was Raped By The Singer Of Godsmack


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you please get in touch with me before I give details.. I have an attorney of interest… The statue of limitations is close… I was raped by the singer of Godsmack. I have done the criminal complaint…. Statue of limitations is up in a month… That’s my fault… I asked the attny of interest if it was illegal to just tag him on twitter asking has anyone else been assaulted by him…. He said its not illegal.. Anyway, can you message me before you post this please.

EMAIL: Nik, I’m the girl that wrote to you about the incident with the asshole midget that sings for Godsmack. He’s known to be a liar and a piece of crap. His security guard who had quit at the time said (after my now ex called him asking if he knew about it) even said that he has ‘heard pitter patter’ about stuff like this before and he is the one that said we should go to the police. The m f-er was supposed to meet with the LAPD to give his statement. He actually flew to AC to give it in person. I had a lawyer helping me at the beginning. She was a girl, so I felt comfortable. But when I found out that Sullys lawyer called her after they received the letter that she sent and they would follow up via email, yet her secretary didn’t ask for a phone number or email I decided that she wasn’t right for the case. So I found another guy. Second contingency form signed. He sat on it. I found out that he is more of a defense attorney.. So it was a waste of.. Hmm.. 9 months? Now I have an attny of interest.. But after finding out what Sully said the detective said that there isn’t enough time before the statue of limitations is up to investigate. So, now I have to file my own complaint to push back the statue of limitations. Awesome waste of $300! I guess I would have to pay the lawyer in the end if a settlement did come out of it.. Anyway: It’s obvious that your site doesn’t attract Alice in Chains copy bands from the replies.. But I know that I am not the only girl that this has happened to!! Please please please.. Email me back before you post about this. The lawyer of interest said that its not illegal for me to so this. I was tempted to blast his ass on twitter.. But then I untempted myself.

If any other women want to come forward please don’t be afraid to email me (nik@nikrichie.com).- nik

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