THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, hooked up with this chick on Sat at the bar and we talked she sounded normal, it all went well, then I and my buddies took off, so she msg me with some sweet talk and this pic right so I told her i\’d stop by later.  We did our thing and then after I went to her place and had a few drinks but she kept pushing me to drink more LOL (i\’m no light weight, but this chick was basically throwing wine at me lol) so anyway, we end up in the bedroom, and she turns the lights off right, so i was thinking this is going to be good right. NO!  I don\’t know if i should go get tested or not, but it looked scary. I only touched it with my leg, and hand but still, didn\’t look like anything I want to catch.

Go get tested.- nik