THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, first of all I love your site and you are HILARIOUS haha, but anyways. I always see these “Would you?” post and before I even read your reply I find myself looking at every little detail and saying NO HE WOULDN’T. I am determined to show you a pretty brunette that you don’t necessarily wanna “would” but just that you think is pretty, lol. This is Devin Brugman, I think she is soooo beautiful and I want my body to look like hers some day, but what I REALLY WANNA KNOW is….Nik Richie, is she pretty to you, and would you?

Answer: No, she hides her narrow face with a large nose for a reason and her inner thighs are begging to touch each other. Her breasts aren’t strong enough for sexual attraction, but I do have to give Devin props for her collar bone.