I’m Obsessed With Him


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i'm obsessed with him!!!!!!!

i'm obsessed with him!!!!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I believe I am infatuated with this guy that I been talking to for 2 months. I’m pretty bad because, I feel like I’m secretly obsessed with him. He doesn’t know I am, but I really like him very much, and I don’t stalk him nor would I ever do something really dumb like that. The way I believe I obsess over him is, I watch his facebook everyday to see when he last logged in..And I’m thinking that he’s dating this stupid wh*re he met on Facebook, but I don’t know..I say that ’cause he left her pic comments like he was hitting on her.  And all the girls i talk to are all secretly in love with him so i have a lot of competition.  Everyone tells me he’s the biggest player but i honestly don’t care.  I like him a lot, and he didn’t talk to me in 4 days now.  I know the rules though, and what I’m supposed to do.  Next time he contacts me, only I will talk for 3 minutes and then blow him off. Also, I’ll call him once just to make like I’m more in control, and not waiting around for him to call me. But all in all, I still feel obsessed with him. I don’t know, is there something I can do? Please help me Nik!!

Just sleep with him already, he is a guy. Us men don’t have codes to crack… touch our wieners and we are good.- nik

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