I’m So Intrigued By The Porta Potty Lifestyle


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Big fan of the Dirty here, first time submitting. This may sound strange but ever since I’ve started visiting your site I have become fascinated by the port-a-potty/escort stories. I have always been interested in learning about the lives of others who live a completely different existence from mine and for some reason I have been intrigued by these girls who jet set around the globe, stay in the most beautiful places and dress head to toe in designer gear. I have no intentions of wanting to join in on their life style, I’m just curious about the way they live and since you’re in the know with a lot of these girls I wonder if you could do some kind of an exposé. I want to know why they chose the life style, how they meet clients, what their “work” experiences are like. What do they do with all of that money that they make? Do they invest it? save it? spend it all on shoes and blow? What do they do when they get out of the game? Do they want to settle down one day and get married and pop out a few kids? Do they have any long term goals? dreams? aspirations? How do they come to the decision of allowing someone to use them as a human toilet? I have so many questions Nik!! and I know you’re the guy to ask. You need to get a few of these girls on your show. I want to see a theDirty.com in depth look into the lives of port-a-potties/escorts. A lot of people judge these women but I’d like to hear their side of the story first.

I don’t know anything about PP’s… I’m just as fascinated as you. This game is all about money. If you think about it, these girls only have to work about ten times per year for a couple hours. So for 20 hours a year they let someone else degrade them and the rest of the year is retirement. So while you work your ass off these girls live the life… so who is the stupid one?- nik

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