Indiana Brooke Presser

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This girl, Brooke Presser, aka “Madison Avenue” at the Bunny Ranch & Dancers, is a con artist. We have to warn the public so she doesn’t spread drds to more men. She sells her services on and then volunteers at Kingsway CHRISTIAN CHURCH! The same church that wouldn’t allow “Bad Ass Coffee” in Avon, Indiana because the name was immoral. She recently had her THIRD child by the THIRD guy, never been married. Where is the 2nd child? Given away like Thanksgiving leftovers. Luckily she gave him up for adoption though, because she has severely neglected the first child. Her first born has been the victim of abuse at the hands of her drug dealer ex boyfriend, Lindsey, & his drunk pedophile uncle. Lindsey allowed the abuse in exchange for pills. This happened over Christmas while Brooke was at the Bunny Ranch working. Left her kid to be abused on the holidays. The 2nd child is the luckiest kid alive to be spared the same fate by being given up for adoption. She brags about breast feeding the third child with her freakishly large nipples, but EEWW aren’t those the SAME nipples she uses in her prostitution career? YUCK! She has robbed people to fuel her vicodin addiction, worked as a stripper (got fired for sex in the back room), craigslist prostitute, Bunny Ranch hooker, & she regularly logs on to SeekingArrangement looking for new guys to steal from and infect with her herpes. I feel bad for her boyfriend, the father of her third baby, because he has no clue what a monster she is. Look at her last log in date on SeekingArrangement! YESTERDAY! RUN! RUN and take the baby with you! Nik, PLEASE warn the public & her third child’s father! Not sure why she didn’t just abort the baby or give it up for adoption like the others. SO SAD!

I think that’s a doll sucking her teet but I put a heart just incase.  I also think we’d all like to see you in more then a tie, please and thank you.- nik

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