Indianapolis Mother Of Two

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Noel Deering. She is the pathetic mother of two children, of course fathered by two different men. She may be the biggest, most worthless slut this city has ever seen. She will be 24 in a couple months, and doesn’t even have a GED let alone any secondary education. She’s been an on again off again stripper in a few local clubs, and instead of working for money, she dances for drinks. She left every night completely hammered and with thirty dollars in her purse. Of course she goes home to her mother’s house because she hasn’t been able to keep an apartment for longer than three months, and sleeps all morning while her two children, both under the age of four roam the house alone to get into whatever they desire. On top of this while she was “hurting for money” She decided that she was going to whore herself out on craigslist! She swears that she never met with any of these guys, but I saw emails that lead me to believe the contrary. You can view these postings if you log into her account under The password is “PrearlJam10” This nasty broad needs to be exposed for the whore that she is. Someone also needs to take those children away so that maybe they’ll actually have a shot in life. As of right now, they’re going to end up dumb white trash just like her! Get the word out Nik! This bitch is passing around diseases and needs to be stopped. Maybe public humiliation will do the trick.

Make sure your flaps aren’t jacked when you take pictures of yourself (ya dig).- nik

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