Infecting Men Everywhere

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She is infecting men everywhere with the clap!!!!

She is infecting men everywhere with the clap!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, someone needs to call this slut out and stop her in her tracks. Her name is Danyel and she is from IdahoE. She got knocked up at 17 and is now 19 with a kid who she never sees. She leaves her baby with her mom and stops by once a month to see her. She is a habitual liar and tells guys she is pregnant so they will give her money for abortions. Then she pockets the cash. She was in jail for stealing credit cards but she still hasn’t learned her lesson because she is still stealing credit card numbers and buying things online. This chick thinks she is “the hottest girl in Idaho” but she is a 2 at best. The worst part is she is going out with my friend and she gave him a terrible STD (chlamydia) and he STILL won’t dump her! He defends her and doesn’t believe that she is screwing other guys (including his friends and family members) and lying to him. He is a hard worker and he is giving all of his money to this slore!!!! She will screw any guy who she thinks she can scam and someone needs to warn all the guys in Idaho about her. Nik, please help get the word out about this piece of trash and tell my friend to get rid of her!!! The only check this chick needs is a reality check and she needs to focus on being a MOTHER to her poor, innocent daughter. Please, warn all the guys out there about this scumbag.

Her Face looks like its been through punishment enough.- nik

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