Infidelity Right Under Her Nose

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Infidelity right under her own big nose

Infidelity right under her own big nose

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I have to say something because I find it too funny how Kimberly has agreed to be the video model twice knowing how naughty of a friend she has been. Sorry to burst your bubble Tiffany, but your so called “friend” Kimberly has wh*red around with your man right under your big ugly nose!!!! BAAAMMM!! I used to feel bad for Tiffany, but she knows he has cheated multiple times, and she still takes him back. Poor girl has nothing going for her anyways, so she has no choice but than to stay with her loser/ wanna be rapper boyfriend so that he can financially support her. Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to ever change cuz a cheater will always be a cheater.

That’s a lot of fake Gucci product… his rap name must be Swap Meet.- nik

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