Inspiring Model, Lenaya Abrams

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Inspiring Model who is actually a HOE!

Inspiring Model who is actually a HOE!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Lenaya Nicole Abrams.. this man looking native little girl ( not woman) seems to believe I am obsessed with her. LMFAO.. when I read the email SHE WENT OUT OF HER WAY TO SEND ME I could not stop laughing. And lets not forget she was the one who put me on this website TWO TIMES.. DATED 2 OF MY EX BOYFRIENDS AFTER ME( hope you like those sloppy seconds;).. and throughout my whole pregnancy would post the most childish immature things about ME! If anyone is “obsessed” hunny its you, not me. Im a grown woman raising a child, while your running around the city acting like one yourself. You live in a one bedroom basement suite with your hobet father.. yyour 20 something are you not?? WHY DO YOU STILL LIVE AT HOME YOU F*CKING LOSER!? If you were going to be a famous singer/model you would be by now, trust me.. or you wouuld be focused on that. Not working for MY babys father as a low class escort at PR parties.. then call my babys dad up and cry about not even being able to be a f*cking HOE anymore! Wow.. your such a loser, and you talk so much shit about me all these years. I am so amused by you its actually funny. My ex man was only using your hairy ass so he could pay his bills. Thats why when you called him crying about not being able to hoe anymore and give all your paper to him, so he left your wack ass. No one is scared of you Lenaya, no one is “obsessed” with you and it seems u cnt even hold a man down. Your a little girl with daddy issues, real woman dont present themselfs the way you do.. I feel sorry for you and hope you get your sh*t together because if you dont you wont go anywhere in liife.. and dont f*cking email my work anymore you fucking goof.. get off my dick and maybe find a new hobby then fucking everyones boyfriends and spreading arnd STDS to all of them.. ps.. everything I know is because my babys dad tells me, not because I am sooooo OBSESSED with you bahahhahaha JOKES ON YOU!!

She seems super boring to me.- nik

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