THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Pam. This creature is one of the most irritating & most ridiculous girls that inhabits Winnipeg (as if we weren’t bad enough already). Several reasons she needs to be on here… 1. Everyone is tired of hearing and seeing updates, posts or stories from you about how you were sooo drunk at this bar, or that bar…you realize going out every night and getting blackout drunk is not “newsanyone gives a sh*t about right? And it isn’t NEW news. We get it, you have a problem.
2. When your drunk, stop trying to f*cking post sh*t!! We get it, your “drunk” or you “shlkhfowfheqlkfjnwqlkdj”…your just being an idiot. 3. Stop telling the world how many guys “hit-on” you. Just because someone looks in your direction, means absolutely nothing. If they pass you and say excuse me, it just means they want PAST you, nothing more. Maybe if you concentrated on cleaning up your life you’d find someone, sleeping around with anyone who will have you (guys & girls included)…not so classy.
4. Just shut your mouth completely, you act so sweet and innocent but you are actually one of the BIGGEST gossips around. You gossip, bitch and talk-down about everyone that surrounds you, both family & friends! You can’t keep acting nice to everyone’s face and have nothing come back to bite you. Enjoy.

These ‘brush by’s’ are the reason she keeps on the weight…Just saying.- nik