Is Amanda Seyfried Too A-List For An Interview

Is Amanda Seyfried Too A-List For An Interview

While there were many celebrities that appeared at the 2017 World of Children Hero Awards, it’s clear the biggest star of the night was Amanda Seyfried, who appeaared with husband Thomas Sadoski on the red carpet.

We’re guessing she was the biggest star as there are interview clips from others who were there, but none from her.

Is she too A-list for an interview? We’re not sure. Regardless, though, we still salute any celeb who takes some of their time to attend charitable events, so we’re not going to go in on her for the lack of an interview… too much, anyway.

To her credit we will say she looks good for having recently given birth and quickly shed the baby weight… lots of women would probably want her tips. See, Amanda, this is why we need an interview, A-list or not.

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