Is An Aaron Carter Comeback Possible

Is An Aaron Carter Comeback Possible

We live in a world where teeny-bopper stars of yesteryear are past. These include the likes of O TownAshlee Simpson, and Aaron Carter.

Carter is attempting to make a comeback, though, as he released a new EP back in February entitled LøVë. 

Do we live in a world where a Carter comeback is actually possible, though? Today’s teens go nuts for the like of Ariana Grande and Zayn. Sadly, we’re just not sure Carter- who hasn’t really been relevant since the early 2000’s- is capable of making a successful comeback.

His brother, Nick Carter– who was certainly the more successful of the two- even realized his most successful venture is still performing old hits with The Backstreet Boys and it’s not like they’re breaking out with new hit songs either.

Good luck, Aaron. We hope this works out for you… but we have a feeling your days in the spotlight are more or less done.

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