THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ICK recently posted some pictures of a photo shoot she did and is letting everyone know her website should be up soon. She says she’s working on some surprise projects and also her clothing line. She has been telling everyone she can’t say everything she’s working on because her agency said she can’t speak on anything yet, I really wonder what surprises this girl has and so does everyone else. She just keeps saying she can’t speak on it yet she has a lot of people following her and obsessing and stalking it’s very strange why their so drawn to her is she running a cult or something really what’s going on here! Dang I find myself wondering what her next move is.  This girl is something else. What’s really going on!?

The reality is… if I stop posting ICK (Insane Clown Kissy) she will be a nobody tomorrow. So don’t get your hopes up.- nik