THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, need you to help me out with this one.  This is Karla Prime, she is a nice, thick, Cuban/Italian with a big ole booty and some nice natural t*ts.  I met her in LA, then when I saw her again in Miami, things started to pop off.  I have a Purple Crayon and which is exactly what this girl is into.  I’m at that age where I want to settle down and Karla is perfect.  She has amazing genes and the conversation we have together are deep.  But here is my issue, she told me she is 21 but I’m having a hard time believing her because she looks more like 31.  Anyone know her age for sure?  I don’t want to be wasting my time with a woman in her 30’s… I’m in my 40’s don’t got time to waste.  And Nik, you a fool for making Purple Crayon such a huge term.  Black is the new gay.

I don’t think that rack is natural. I believe it was purchased to even out her ass.- nik