Is Kid Carson Jealous And Angry

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Is Kid Carson Jealous and Angry?

Is Kid Carson Jealous and Angry?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kid Carson is fuming according to my sources. He is under heavy heat lately because of his early morning shows low ratings. Apparently he is getting consistently beaten in the ratings by not only Jeff O Neil on the Fox but also by some Chilliwack radio station The Sonic. His poor ratings have held him largely accountable and apparently he’s making an effort to make his show more raunchy. The thing is he’s failing miserably at it. He wishes he was as cool as Jeff O’ Neil. Apparently the Beat’s only competition in the morning with the poor ratings is Virgin now. His boss apparently isn’t liking the posts on the Dirty or the consistent public bashing of Kid Carson (largely due to his antics). What is your opinion on this Nik?

I have higher ratings than all these losers combined in VanDirty. Pathetic… this is why Canada sucks in the Olympics.- nik

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