Is This P-Nazi, Kinda Important

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Is this the P- Nazi, kinda important.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This picture was taken at Pearl Nightclub in Tucson, AZ a couple years ago. I’m just curious if this douche bag on the right here is the P-Nazi… the one who is obviously messed up. Now just today my boy Ryan saw the pic and tells me that he’s seen this cat on Took me like 2 hours to find this guy since he couldn’t remember his name. Still tho, why take the time right? Now this being a pretty kick ass website I got a lil distracted… but was determined to find this prick and here’s why:

I’m the other guy in the pic if that’s not obvious– I had never met this kid before and had no desire to. Shortly after that picture was taken I saw that he was ‘talking’ to this girl, just spittin’ P-Nazi game all over the place.. it was terrible I had to call in the towel boy just to dry her off. Anyway about 20 minutes later I leave with the chick he was trying to pick up and the friend she came with. I live close so they drive me back to my place- We do our thing for a little over an hour and I walk them out to the car, get her digits, you know the usual. Now right before the girl I f*cked got in the car, she starts saying that she feels like she’s on drugs, ‘I think I’ve been drugged’.. So I offer some water; or to crash at my place (to avoid a DUI) but her friend is good to drive so she takes the wheel. Two nights later I get a call from this lady saying she was with Tucson Police Department investigating a possible date rape situation. I told the ‘officer’ that her friend was with us the entire time, and I do mean the entire time– in my room with us during (and no the 3 way didn’t happen– felt her up during but that’s about it.. she was faithful to her boy, big up) so the friend vouched for me on what happened and everything’s cool, besides the fact I feel bad for the girl. Now a few weeks later I’m looking back at that pic thinking that guy is for sure on some kinda downer, put two and two together and I definitely think P-Nazi here dropped something in her drink. Now, it seems like you’re quite the sage for your age Nik, so I was also wondering if there is a next step what it would be and wanted to verify this is the P-Nazi.

Yes sir that is P-Nazi and feeling up someone who has a boyfriend isn’t cheating… pre-med students do it all the time.- nik

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