THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik! How are you? Remember Isabelle Strömberg, the Swedish queen of photoshop who also had quite a big blog? Well, it’s been a while since last time and let’s just say A LOT have changed. She have had another nosejob, which she’s still unhappy with so she keeps on photoshopping her nose. Aside from plenty of botox, she’s also gotten herself a boobjob! She smokes a lot of pot but also tries other drugs, which she’s been arrested for twice now. She’s also using the barbie drug regularly. It’s sad how a girl could go from beautiful to scary-looking in just a few years! She’s only 20 years old, is this what fame does to you? I can’t imagine what she’ll look like in 5. Also, the photo of boobs that I included are from a snapchat they sent to my friend on his birthday. She’s on the left with the plastic-looking boobs. She NEEDS to stop!

I don’t understand why bloggers are A-List celebs in Sweden?- nik


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