THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is totally not fair.  I was in this competition against Keisha Kimball for Ms. Muscle Mag 2013 and I’m not trying to hate but I have a way prettier face and a way better body than Keisha.  If I wasn’t DA Strong, I would have no problem with losing but knowing the only reason she won is because she went to Hawaii with Justin Price is what pisses me off.  Its very obvious how she got the win and its not fair to us.  Not all of us had a chance to go get creeped out by Justin on a “couples” island like Maui.  But whatever, I’d rather play fair and not have to sleep with another creepy pervert. You can have your dirty money Keisha.

She can make more money going on a date with one of her whales… what is the point of this contest? Plus, Justin Price shoots her for free all the time?- nik