It Sucks Finding Naked Pictures Of Your Friend On Your Boyfriends Phone

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone meet Jamie MADDOX! She lives in Leawood, KS. Jamie & I use to be good friends until I found out what the b*tch was all about. She use to tell me & everyone she came across stories about how much of a wh*re she really is. Shes known for tryin to f*ck anybody & everybodys bf or husband. Shes very proud of the dirty things she does. She brags about how many guys she f*cks in a day. She don’t care if you are a guy or girl shell get naked either way. She told me about how she was f*ckin her tattoo artist just to get some FREE ink. I’ve witnessed this nasty wh*re go outside somewhere just to suck a Greg only to come back in & find someone else to f*ck. She has multiple diseases. She came to me crying one day cuz she found out she had DRD you cant get rid of. I should of known better than to be friends with a wh*re. I use to feel bad for her cuz she was so ugly & nobody liked her. Now I know why nobody likes her. One day I saw my bfs phone going off & without thought I grabbed it only to see she was txtin my bf naked pics of herself. Then I found out he wasn’t the only one who had those pics. Our other friend found the same pics on her husbands phone. What a sloot. If you see this wh*re I recommend either walking in a different direct (would hate for anybody to come in contact with the dirty b*tch & catch the drd). If u have already come in contact with her you need to seriously go get checked cause you probably already have a disease from the b*tch.

Looks like she will be moving soon.- nik

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