THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright Nik, here we have 2 girls who aren’t new to this site – Kyrie Sandana and Sylvia Appleton. This is hilarious. Police busted the house they shared in Kelowna and found over $150,000 in various heavy drugs in their house. The little hoebag Kyrie was the only one home and got arrested and will likely be charged with possession and intent to sell. Little miss perfect doesn’t look so perfect anymore, eh? Funny thing is that Syl is prepared to rat out on her ‘so called bff’ in order to save herself from getting in any trouble. Glad these girls got what was coming to them, now all they have to do is stop spreading their dirty legs and spreading the DRD they got from Pauly D.

This hurts my heart… I really thought they had a loyal friendship.- nik